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My Top Food Choice to Fight Away the Melancholy Blues!

Avocados are one of my first picks when fighting the melancholy blues because they are rich in tryptophan and folate ( one of the B vitamins) and are loaded with omega 3's, an important fatty acid that fights inflammation in the body and helps regulate our brain's neurotransmitters. In order for one's body to manufacture serotonin, which I call the "feel good" neurotransmitter, it needs plenty of tryptophan, a natural amino acid. Many studies are showing that lowering levels of tryptophan corresponds with a drop in serotonin levels, which can impair memory and cause depressive mood and sometimes sleep disorders. Due to its healthy fat content, eating half an avocado at breakfast or lunch can help you feel full, helping curb your desire to reach for unhealthy foods later in the day. So, go ahead and add a few slices to your breakfast toast or sandwich and watch the blues melt away!

Remember, Bee Fit friends, food determines how we feel and heal!

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