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Tell Me Something About Yourself!

Hi Bee Fitters,

Hope everyone is off to a great start to the new year! Since it is a brand new year, I thought it would be fun to hear where some of you are from and what got you interested in health and fitness. I will start by giving you a bit of information about me:

~ I was a philosophy geek in Hamilton College with the hopes to attend law school but instead followed a career in the fashion industry. I LOVE fashion and dressing up-- I think dressing up makes one feel better about oneself. ;-)

~ I was a runner in high school and started the girl's first cross county team with my twin sister and a friend at my high school. I continue to run and have been a runner for the past 40 years, only stopping when pregnant or injured ( which isn't often!). I just started my first one year run streak!

~ I lived in a diversity of places growing up; everywhere from Birmingham, Michigan to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

~ I was the original founder of Make A Child Smile, Inc. with my girlfriend, Gwen Smyth, a not for profit which focused on providing funding for hospitals to provide emotional support to families with hospitalized children. The organization is now part of the Child Life Services department of a New Jersey hospital.

~ I became a "Girls On the Run" Coach in 2000 when my daughter started running. I was lucky enough to train with the original founder of the organization, Molly Barker. I still stay connected with "Girls On the Run." Last June, the organization participated in the "Bee Fit with Tracy" 5K run held for the Princeton Family YMCA, and they will be returning again this year.

~I wore a body cast from the waist down while attending my junior year in college due to reconstructive surgery on my hip and femur because of a bone tumor...yes, I have a lopsided gait but that hasn't stopped me from running over the years.

~ I serve as President of Sipprelle Charitable Corp. The family foundation's mission is to support charitable efforts focused primarily on education. Among our most interesting projects has been funding a secular girls' boarding school in Marrakech, Morocco. Educating girls is still an alien concept in much of the World. I believe in the YMCA's mission and have supported many of its health and wellness initiatives, including sponsoring it's annual spring 5K, through the Sipprelle Charitable Corp. Most recently, my husband and I supported The Give Something Back Foundation to help provide scholarships to five high school students.

~ I serve on the Princeton Family YMCA's board of directors.

~ I am a certified personal fitness trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association.

~ I am a certified holistic health coach, and I am certified in Sports Nutrition. I'm in the process of getting my certification in plant based diets though Cornell University's online program.

~ I am a follower of Dr. Joel Fuhrman and had the privilege and honor to meet him personally at a nutrition retreat last Spring.

~ I believe our diet plays a huge role in how we behave and think and most recently wrote a two page piece on healthy nutrition for Attitudes In Reverse (AIR), a not for profit committed to educating teens on suicide prevention and mental health. The two page flyer is focused on foods that help ease symptoms of depression. I am a past board member of AIR, and I am committed to sponsoring the organization's spring 5K walk/run.

~ I love nature and flowers and have been a member of The Garden Club of Princeton for almost ten years. I currently serve on its executive committee and head the Civic Projects Committee.

~ My favorite quote is the official tag line of my health coaching business: "Food determines how we feel and heal!" ( Food is NOT just what's on a's everything that affects us: relationships, spirituality, physical fitness, etc.).

~ My favorite Bee Fitters are my three grown children and husband who are the loves of my life and my biggest fans! <3

Now, it's your turn! Share anything about yourself in the comment section. I'd love to hear from you!

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