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Managing Stress and Anxiety

Stress has extremely negative effects on our overall health; it affects our sleep cycles, causes us to get ill, lowers are ability to enjoy life, and can lead to depression. Once we are depressed, we tend to exercise less which can lead to lethargy and isolation. Often, depressed people tend to let their appearance go and they have the tendency to to grab unhealthy foods for that quick pick me up. To help alleviate stress and your chances of becoming depressed, here are some tips to follow:

~ Though it may be difficult to get outdoors to exercise when stressed or struggling with depression, one is more likely to combat it by getting outdoors and taking a walk or going for a run. The natural vitamin D from sun exposure has been proven to reduce depressive symptoms in individuals.

~ Make an effort to make plans with a close friend who will make you laugh or be someone you can confide in when stressed. Just talking or laughing with someone can take your mind off of a stressful situation.

~ Eat a well balanced diet that consists of mostly plants. Certain foods such as avocados and salmon are excellent sources of omega 3-s fatty acids that help fight inflammation, and tryptophan, and amino acid that helps manufacture serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is considered by experts to be a mood stabilizer.

~ Get a good night sleep and do your best to stay on a schedule. Too little sleep can lead to stress and anxiety. Aim for seven hours.

~ DISCONNECT from technology once and a while. Studies are now linking too much cell phone use and computer time to stress and anxiety. Click here to read about the new studies leading computer time to anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

Remember Bee Fitters, food (not just what's on a plate) determines how we feel and heal!

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