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Your Circle of Life

The New Year is here. That means you have arrived at an optimal time to evaluate your year in health and wellness. To begin, you should examine your life holistically. Everything in our lives has an impact on our well being, so it is important to make sure we pay attention to all areas when it comes to setting health goals. Too much stress in our careers, lack of spirituality, not enough exercise, and too few opportunities to engage with friends and loved ones can all cause us to make unhealthy choices. How many times have you reached for a bag of salty potato chips when stressed? Try this exercise: using the circle provided, place a dot within each section to mark how satisfied you are with that area of your life. A dot placed towards the center of the circle indicates dissatisfaction, while a dot placed towards the outside indicates happiness. See samples below. In sample two below, the individual who placed his dots towards the center on spirituality, home cooking, and confidence, may want to take a closer look at these areas when strategizing wellness goals for 2017. A round circle with most dots on the outside indicates balance.

Remember, Bee Fitters, food ( NOT JUST what's on a plate ) determines how we feel and heal!

Sample One:

Sample Two:

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