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It's A New Year AND A New You!

The New Year is upon us! Have you had time yet to reflect on last year and contemplate your goals for 2017? If not, over the next week or so, consider asking yourself these questions:

1. What were 2016’s positive highlights for you? ( Note: this answer usually helps you get back on track if you need to for the future! ) 2. What were your biggest challenges? 3. What made you happiest in 2016? 4. What is one goal you want to achieve in 2017? 5. What bad habit do you want to get rid of next year?

As you reflect on these questions, you are actually beginning to define the year ahead. And no matter what goals you set, getting support can help you achieve them. Studies show that we are twice as likely to achieve our goals and aspirations when we have “an accountability partner” – someone to offer support, encouragement and to hold us accountable to our commitments. And since over 70% of New Year’s resolutions are about health and wellness, one of the best examples of an accountability partner is a health coach! If your goals include getting fitter, kicking your cravings, having more energy, and/or losing weight, email me at [healthcoachtracy@beefitwithtracy.com OR beefitwithtracy@gmail.com] to talk about your personal goals. I would LOVE to help you achieve your goals for a happy and healthy 2017.

To help you start the year with good health, read my article below on the Top Foods for Boosting Your Immune System. That’s right – what you eat is a key element to helping you avoid getting sick this winter! This month, I will include delicious recipes that include immune-boosting foods, so you can get started right away. January is a great time to reboot, detox and re-energize your mind, body and soul!

Wishing you peace, joy, prosperity, and health in 2017, Tracy

Top Foods for Boosting Your Immune System

Your immune system is your first defense against bacteria and microorganisms that cause disease. According to Harvard Health, nourishment is a key element in creating a healthy environment for your immune system. It makes sense when you consider that our gastrointestinal system represents 70 percent of our immune system ( Journal of Clinical and Experimental Immunology) So if you want to avoid the winter colds and flus, try these immune boosting foods:

1. The “C” fruits and veggies. As you probably know, the science behind vitamin C shows that it promotes healthy immunity and can help decrease the severity and length of viruses like the common cold. That’s because vitamin C is a strong antioxidant (which protects against illness) and C helps your body absorb iron, which creates the pathogen-fighting cells and acids. While oranges (50 mg) probably come to mind, you might be surprised to know that foods that contain the most vitamin C per 100 grams include red and yellow bell peppers (185 mg); kale (120 mg), and if you really want your C to soar, try papaya and guava (228 mg). These foods contain double, triple and quadruple the DV (Daily Value) of vitamin C! Vitamin C has also been touted as a great remedy of exercise induced asthma. More on that later!*

2. White button mushrooms. Mushrooms are a great source of vitamin B2, also an antioxidant that helps your immune system fight free radicals. Mushrooms also protect against inflammation (the source of many chronic diseases). Two cups of mushrooms provides half of the DV of vitamin B-2.

3. Sunflower seeds. If you’re looking for a quick snack, go for raw, unsalted sunflower seeds and boost your immunity with nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B-6 and vitamin E. In fact, just a handful (1/4-cup) has almost the full DV of vitamin E, a disease-fighting antioxidant and a necessity to the healthy maintenance of our immune system. (Avocados are also high in vitamin E: see my recipe below that combines them both!) Other good sources of seeds and nuts are pumpkin seeds and almonds!

4. Sesame seeds. Zinc increases the production of white blood cells that fight infection and helps the cells fight more aggressively. Sesame seeds, as well as pumpkin seeds, lentils and garbanzo beans are great sources of Zinc.

Your immune system is just that – a system. In addition to these immune-boosting foods, you can protect your system by avoiding harmful influences such as smoking, too much alcohol, inactivity, stress, and poor sleep – all can limit your ability to fight disease. Take a holistic approach to your health this year!

Later today or tomorrow, I will post some recipes that incorporates some of these immune boosting foods! Remember, Bee Fitters, food determines how we feel and heal!

*Always check with your personal physician before taking any supplements!

Source of facts: Crave Nutrition, LLC.

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