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Start the New Year Happy & Healthy!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that you are ready for the New Year! What does “ready” mean? It means taking time to reflect on the previous year and consider honestly: what worked well for you? What were some of your challenges? What changes are you most proud of? Did you start a new job? Eliminate processed (junk) foods? Perhaps you moved to a home, adopted a dog, finally took that much needed vacation, cleaned out the garage. Or maybe you simply smiled more and complained less. Whatever new strides you made … whatever old habits you let go … spend some time reflecting on the year you’re leaving behind. Then, contemplate and look forward to 2016: What do you want to do more of? What do you want to do less of? What seems just about right? These are key questions to help you define the year ahead, because the future is something we all have the power to influence, every day.

Still, in order to achieve you need to believe in yourself! What are your goals for the New Year? Your goals should include wellness – making better choices to lose weight, get physically and mentally stronger, have more energy, or eat healthier. Let's face it, without a sound mind, body, and soul you probably won't enjoy life to it's fullest. If your goals include any or all of the these, email me at beefitwithtracy@gmail.com to talk about your unique vision and how I can help you achieve it, once and for all! Go to my website and check out my various online coaching or click here to sign up for the 28 day "Slim, Sexy, Smart" clean eating program designed by The Health Coach Group.

Please note: all proceeds I receive from coaching go directly to nutritional educational programs or research.

Remember, Bee Fitters, food determines how we feel and heal! Wishing you a peaceful, joyful, healthful New Year!

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