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Bee Fit Heroes!

Here I am pictured last year with two of the most amazing people I know: Tricia and Kurtis Baker, founders of Attitudes in Reverse (AIR). The Bakers founded the organization with their daughter Kathryn shortly after the suicide of their 19 year old son, Kenny. In spite of this unimaginable tragedy, the Bakers have found a love and inner strength to lead an organization that now educates teens and their families about depression and suicide prevention. The Bakers are heroes.

I choose to help AIR by supporting their efforts to build physically and emotionally stronger teens through exercise and nutrition. But there are many ways to help. If you want to learn more about AIR and its life-saving work, please reach out to the organization through their website: www.attitudesinreverse.org, OR, if you live in the local Princeton area, come meet them in person on October 22nd at 6:00pm when the founders will be recognized by the Princeton Family YMCA for their work to help save lives.

Remember, food determines how we feel and heal AND good physical health means a sound body AND a sound mind!

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