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Cheers to a Healthy Heart!

I love the Mediterranean diet for its heart healthy food choices such as fish, nuts, leafy greens, and olive oil. I also like it because it allows drinking a glass of red wine with your meals. People living in Mediterranean countries such as Greece are very healthy because they consume their meals with wine, mainly red wine ( and spend more time outdoors and less time in front of the TV :-) ). According to a new study, mentioned in last year's Women's World's April 28th issue, enjoying a glass of red wine ( about 5-6 ounces ) with lunch and dinner provides blood sugar control. Its abundance of antioxidants slow the absorption of sugar in the intestines, avoiding sudden spikes in blood sugar. If you are a tea totaler, then opt for a variety of nuts which provides rich antioxidants as well.

Remember, Bee Fit folks, alcohol consumption can be tricky so enjoy wine only in moderation! Here are the most recent guidelines from the Mayo Clinic:

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