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The "Health Coach Bag" Makes Traveling Easier!

health bag.jpg

Friends often ask me what I bring with me when I travel to stay healthy. Depending on where I go and how I travel, I bring as many of the items below as I can fit! This way I always have something healthy to eat while in the airport, on the plane, in the car or in my hotel room or vacation home:

• Unsweetened coconut milk (individual packs)- available at Whole Foods

• Mini Nutri- bullet blender or single bottle blender

• Vega protein powder, vanilla or plain (individual packets)- available at Whole Foods

• Powdered green drink/Mighty Maca green drink packets

• Freeze-dried fruit (no sugar added) to add to my smoothies

• Instant oatmeal packets (no sugar added)

• Zhena's Green tea-individual sachets ( )

• Chia seeds individual servings

• Kale Chips or Skinny Popcorn packs

• Nut butters (almond, sesame – individual packets)

• Individual trail mix snack bags

• Dr. Fuhrman's daily multi vitamin and probiotic capsules ( easy to open capsules!)

• Running shoes, flip flops for outdoor showers

• A bathing suit, tank and easy to rinse shorts

• Citrus-zinger water bottle

I always tuck a first aid kit in my bag just in case of an emergency!

Happy Traveling, folks!

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