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Juicing or Making a Smoothie?

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As a follow up to yesterday, I thought I would attempt to address this question: What’s the difference between juicing and making a smoothie?


Advantages: Juicing packs an incredible nutritional punch! It extracts all of the water and nutrients from vegetables, leaving behind the fiber. This means your body is better able to absorb the nutrients without having to digest the dense bulk of the plant. Plus, you can fit a large quantity of vegetables into a single glass of juice. The quick absorption gives you increased energy and helps your mental focus, while the vegetables themselves are powerful boosts to your immune system.

Disadvantages: Although they are very high in nutrients and vitamins, juices can’t keep you full for long because your body processes the liquid quickly.


Advantages: Smoothies are more filling since they include the fiber. Also, the blender allows you to add ice, bananas, dates, nuts, avocado, coconut oil, chia, flax, or hemp seeds, for example, to add even more nutritional benefits and keep you satisfied longer.

Disadvantages: Chances are you are going to want to add more fruit than veggies and other ingredients to make it tasty, and unless you are consuming it as a meal replacement, it may be more filling (and more caloric) than you need.


For juicing, I like to add lemon or another citrus fruit to increase digestive health. For smoothies, I also add chia or flax seeds because they are a good source of fiber and Omega 3s. Omega 3 fats help relieve joint pain, combat inflammation, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and are a good source of antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Chia seeds will help you feel fuller longer, give you energy, and help slow digestion. They also help balance blood sugar and reduce cravings! I add ice to my smoothies because it is a thickener and I like my smoothies very cold. For protein, I add either almond milk or vegan protein powder.

Drinking your smoothie or juice soon after you make it ensures that you get the most nutritional value; however, I work with my clients to help them incorporate healthy habits for the reality of their life. For example, some of my clients make their juice/smoothie the night before so that they can enjoy it in the morning, when they might not have the time to make it. Other clients make a double batch and enjoy one in the morning, and one as a "bee-licious" afternoon snack.

So whether you choose juicing or smoothies, you’ll be toasting to improved health, energy and immune system! Yep, Folks, food determines how we feel and heal!

Source: Crave Marketing, LLC- April 2015

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