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Red Pepper Flakes: A Spicy Way to Lower Your Cholesterol!

Organic Spicy Red Pepper Flakes.jpg

I add red pepper flakes to almost any meal. I've been known to sprinkle it on fish dishes, pizza slices, and salad entrees because it's a surefire way to keep my cholesterol low. According to an August 2014 issue of "Women's World," one recent study confirmed that consuming just 1/4 tsp of capsaicin, the piping hot fire in the flakes, cut bad cholesterol ( LDL) in only two weeks. According to Dr. Zhena Yu Chen, the capsaicin in the red pepper flakes helps your liver break down excess fats and toxins.*

Want an extra health boost? Then, next time, add red pepper flakes to a guacamole dip for an extra spicy taste. Not only will you help reduce your cholesterol levels but you may just help reduce stubborn belly fat. Avocados are known to help burn fat, particularly around the mid section. For more on that, please check out:

Remember, Folks, food determines how we feel and heal!

*Women's World, 8/2014

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