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Why More Green Eggs Minus the Ham!?

green eggs minus the ham!.jpg

As a nutritarian (90 per cent plant based eater), I am always looking for ways to include more protein into my diet, especially since I am an avid runner logging sometimes more than 45-50 miles a week. To get enough, I add wild salmon, or, once in a while, I break open an egg or two. And that's okay, according to a study published in January's issue of the American Heart Journal. One egg packs 6 grams of protein and provides vitamin B-12, which is great news for plant based eaters like myself. Vegetarains and vegans don't always get enough of this crucial vitamin which is abundant only in animal sources. Eggs are also abundant in choline, a nutrient which aids memory. *To add some extra vitamins to your egg breakfast, add some spinach and mushrooms as a side and a flourless whole grain muffin with a piece of fruit!

Remember, folks, food determines how we feel and heal!

* Runners World, March 2015, p. 35

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