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A Tuna Wrap with Lots of Veggies!

As a plant based eater (85-90 per cent!), I only indulge on fish from time to time to get some additional protein into my diet. Today, I was craving a great tuna salad sandwich. Here's my healthy version.


~ A large wrap made from plants and organic brown rice ( Gluten free and found at Whole Foods)

~ 1/2 cup of light tuna lightly mixed with olive oil or Veganaise ( Veganaise is a great egg free option, tastes delicious, and is better for you!)

~ 1 Cup of rinsed organic kale

~ 1/2 sliced red vine tomato

~ 1/4 cup of chopped onions

~ 1/4 cup of chopped cucumber or celery


Spread the tuna evenly across the wrap and add ingredients. Fold and enjoy!

#recipes #tuna #omega3s #brainhealthy #fattyacids #healthyliving #hearthealth


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