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My Valentine's Day Surprise!

Dark Chocolate.jpg
Here's a surprise for Valentine's Day: Chocolate can be good for your health, especially dark chocolate! But that doesn't mean you need to down an entire bag of M&M's or an entire box of gourmet chocolates in one sitting. A few morsels is just the right amount. Here are three of my favorite reasons for eating dark chocolate:

A few pieces of dark chocolate can be good for your health!

-Dark chocolate is an antioxidant powerhouse! Studies show eating foods with high levels of antioxidants protects you from the free radicals that cause cancer and aging. Dark chocolate also contains important minerals and vitamins: iron, potassium, copper, and magnesium.

- Dark Chocolate is heart healthy! Eating a few very small morsels of organic dark chocolate a couple times of week can help lower your blood pressure.

-Dark Chocolate is brain food! Studies show that eating a few tiny pieces increases blood flow to the brain and also improves cognitive function.

Remember that chocolate is high in fat, so be cautious when eating. You just need a couple of pieces to reap the health benefits. For more information on the health benefits of dark chocolate, check out the website: www.webmd.com.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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