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SHOUT OUT #2 for Health Coach Week!

It’s National Health Coach~Wellness Week! In support of this week, I am giving another shout out to some of my favorite coaches and fitness motivators out there in the Facebook community! You do not need to be a health coach to help inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. Today’s post goes to two individuals who are passionate about life and sharing their health journey while motivating others! Go check them out! There will be more shout outs by the end of the week, so be sure to check back!

The first shout out today goes to Jamal Lewis, a husband, father, and avid runner. He has lost a significant amount of weight thorough running and working out and shares his personal journey on his Facebook page, Go the Distance: I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Jamal at the Trenton Half Marathon in November. His smile and positive spirit are contagious! His motto is : "Let's love and live life together!"

photo (27).JPG

The second shout out goes to Linda Parker, a wife, mother, and grandmother. She shares her passion for running on her Facebook page, Traveling Light and Comfortable: She does a great job keeping lots of runners "hands free" and stylish with her HipSsister belts that hold keys, cellphones, and gu gels!


Remember, Folks, food ( NOT just what's on a plate) determines how we feel and heal!

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