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Running With Old Man Winter!

Though it has been unseasonably warm for the last few days, I thought with the temperatures predicted to drop again this week, I should repost my running tips on how to dress warm, but light, for winter running. Old Man Winter shouldn't keep anyone away from their long runs.

I have a unique approach to keeping warm on winter runs: I dress in thin, sweat-absorbent layers. The accumulation of thin layers keeps me warm, but doesn't add demobilizing bulk. For example, in order to survive blustery 25-degree conditions, I wear:

~A microfiber cap that covers my ears. Wearing a hat is critical to preserve body heat. Lululemon's microfiber caps hug the head tightly.

~A microfiber long sleeve tee with sleeves that cover my hands. I love the Lux Layer Oiselle tee. The tee is made of a soft, velvety fabric that hugs me in soft warmth, and the weave of the fabric diverts sweat from sticking to my body. See more at: http://www.oiselle.com/shop/running-tops/lux-layer#sthash.l75yDvCV.dpuf

~ A featherweight Lululemon down jacket designed for warmth but light enough to wear out for a run. Its material effectively repels light snow and rain.


~ Athletic gloves with reflective pads on the fingers.

~ An ID bracelet with an emergency contact number! If you don't own one, then check out this site:


~ A couple of energy gels in my pocket, along with my cell (only if my runs take me far from home).

~Sunglasses, to avoid sun glare and a wind-chapped face.

~ Running tights and thicker socks that fit under the tights....no skin exposure!

I always toss my clothes in the drier before venturing out! It seems more bearable to approach the cold outdoors when my clothes are toasty warm.

If it's snowing, I always avoid areas of traffic and roads covered with ice patches, and try to stick to park areas that have clearly defined paths. I never wear earphones, especially while running on the roads.

Cheers to happy, safe winter running!

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