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More Tips On Staying Healthy Throughout the Holiday Season!


Set yourself up for success. Studies show that many people plan to make New Year’s resolutions to be healthier or lose weight, and then give themselves permission to binge-eat throughout the month of December. Overindulging for days or weeks at a time is not healthy for your heart, blood sugar levels, or your waistline! Instead, think about how you want to feel on New Year’s Day and get clear about your intentions. Think about WHY you want to achieve that goal. How will it feel in your body? In your clothes? How will it affect your self-confidence? Your relationships? The clearer you are about your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them. You can also focus on achieving a few non-food-related health goals, such as getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night; drinking half your weight in water EVERY day, and getting exercise at least four or five days a week. A brisk walk counts!

• Don’t let the holidays be all about the food. Take a moment to consider what is most important to you this time of year. Is it the chance to see your family and friends? Is it the much-needed break from work or school schedules? Perhaps it is the ritual of celebrating and connecting with others. Focus on what’s really important to you this holiday season, and plan some non-food-related activities to enjoy those moments.

• It’s okay to say no. It can be uncomfortable or feel impolite not to eat a special dish or dessert when a friend or family member has made it, but don’t be afraid to say a simple, “No thank you.” Nowhere is it written that you must indulge in foods that simply don’t make you feel your best. When your hostess hands you a piece of her handmade apple or pumpkin pie or glass of eggnog, for example, and you know you will regret it later, feel free to pass. If you must explain, just tell them nicely that certain foods don’t agree with you, or that you’re full right now but might try some later.

Treat smart. If there is one holiday treat you look forward to each year (mine is pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheesecake!), enjoy a small serving -- but avoid having another piece for a late-night snack and one for breakfast the next day! Did you know that one slice of pumpkin cheesecake has approximately 740 calories, 47 grams of unhealthy fat and 53 grams of sugar? That’s 13 teaspoons of sugar! Sugar suppresses your immune system and is addictive, so the more sugar you eat (or drink), the more sugar you will crave -- and that can lead to feeling out-of-control, bloated and/or exhausted. Focus on how you want to FEEL over the holidays and that will help you determine what you want to EAT. I know for many of us, this is easier said than done. So, after the Christmas holiday, I will be posting about an online health coaching support group I will be starting. Be on the look out! As always, feel free to reach me at with questions.

Remember, Bee Fitters, food determines how we feel and heal!

Article Source: Crave Nutrition/Marketing LLC

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