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Running Past Bad Results!


Results from last Sunday’s Half marathon are in! To be honest, I wasn’t happy with my my time ( 2:04.46)…at first, that is. I trained for this race and to be a whole minute per mile slower than my target time was a little surprising, especially when I had nothing left to give at the end. But many runners deal with unexpected disappointments and results. The key to remember is that it’s important not to wallow in frustration. Here are some of my strategies for getting myself and my mind back on the right track with training. 1. After you cross the finish line, try your best not to show your disappointment to others. “Bee” a good sport. Granted, this can be tough to do but you don’t want to take the joy away from others who might be experiencing a PR or those that thought they they ran well even when they crossed the line behind you. 2. When you have time to rehydrate, focus on what was great about the experience. For example, the course had lots of cheering spectators and was well marked at the miles OR, I that I covered 13.1 miles on hilly terrain and placed in my age group. 3. Make the event more than just about a race! For me, it might be taking after race pictures with any family or friends who participated and enjoying a big post race meal and beer with them. 4. After a day or two, think logistically where you might be able to improve. For me, this last race proved I was not ready for many of the turns and hilly inclines, not to mention some of the rocky terrain in the beginning and end of the race. Going forward, if I choose to run a race of this nature, hill training is a MUST and practice on trails is key, especially for an athlete like me who over-pronates. :-) 5. Last, but not least, don’t let one race keep you from moving forward with your goals! After the recovery period, I handle this by signing up for another race. Keep on trekkin’ folks, and remember, food (not just what’s on a plate) determines how we feel and heal

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