This summer, with temperatures reaching well into the 90's and humidity levels above 60 percent, staying well hydrated is important for everyone, especially when exercising. I have been trying my best to find the perfect re- fueling beverage for my post run recovery drink. Consuming enough water is most important but replacing lost electrolytes and getting the right balance can be a challenge for some. Too much sugar or sodium can cause some runners to cramp up so I look for beverages with low sugar content but ones that contain essen...

July 9, 2014

Did you know that watermelon is known to relax you to sleep? This fruit is packed with lypocene, which relaxes muscles and soothes your central nervous system, according to a study at the University of Pennsylvania. ( Women’s World, July 14, 2015).


Watermelon Refresher



1 cup watermelon, cut into 1-inch cubes

1 peeled and sliced cucumber

5 mint leaves

½ cup ice



Mix all ingredients in a high-powered blender (such as a Vitamix or Nutribullet). Blend on low 30 seconds, then on high until smooth, about 30 seconds mor...

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