August 12, 2016

Have you ever thought about why certain fruits and veggies are more abundant in certain seasons? Nature’s produce cycle actually supports our body’s needs, and gently leads us from season to season. For example, our bodies require more water in the summer months, and summer-season foods such as watermelon, berries and cucumbers help us stay hydrated and cool. In the fall, transition foods such as apples and root vegetables help us acclimate to the upcoming cooler months. (More on Fall foods next month!)

There are many reasons to eat se...

May 4, 2015


As a health and nutrition coach, people often ask me: What do I eat before I exercise to make sure I have enough energy to get through? What do I eat after my workout to recover? These are important questions, because what you’re eating could be sabotaging your workout results! A one-year Stanford University study of 350 men and women found that those who worked out three to five times a week for 30 – 40 minutes had NO significant weight loss! How can that be? It’s due to what, when and how people eat before and after their workouts....

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