July 30, 2015

Here is one of my favorite summer recipes: Flash Baked Kale Salad. It's great as a light meal or side dish to serve with grilled fish and vegetables.


Ingredients ( serves 5):


5 cups of organic kale, rinsed

1 cup of raw organic white corn

1/2 cup of red onion cut into very thin slices

1 cup of sliced cherry tomatoes

Olive oil ( to taste)

2 tbsp of squeezed lemon juice




Pre heat oven to 375 degrees (F). Lightly spray the kale with olive oil and bake on a cookie sheet for 3 minutes. Heat the raw corn in a skillet for...

July 16, 2015

As a distance runner, I like to eat lots of nutritious snacks to keep my energy levels up after a long workout. One of my "go to" foods is cucumbers on a small salad or just plain with hummus...here's why!


-Cucumbers are loaded with water ( 95 per cent!) which can help you stay hydrated on a hot summer day.


-Believe it or not this vegetable which contains lots of water, also contains polyphenols called lignans which may help lower your risk of breast and ovarian cancers. They also contain phytonutrients which have anti cancer properti...

July 14, 2015

Hey, Bee Fit followers, I am writing on bio-individuality because so many of you have different notions of what works and what doesn't for getting healthy. That's why a health program  must be customized to account for one's individual health history and individual preferences. There are a variety of factors that go into determining what works for one person and not another. For instance, one person's food may be another person's poison. Your genetic background and other health factors determine what works and what doesn't when engagi...

July 13, 2015

With summer in full swing, everyone likes a little ice cream to cool off! If you're trying to slim down or if you are following a non dairy diet, there is an "ice cream" you can still enjoy, guilt free. See my recipe below!




• 2 – 8 Ripe bananas (depending on number of servings), peeled, cut into chunks and frozen overnight (6-8 hours)



Remove bananas from the freezer and thaw 5-10 minutes. Put bananas in a food processor or blender and puree until you achieve a thick, soft-serve ice-cream consistency.


That’s i...

May 15, 2015


Yes...Popeye had it right when it comes to eating vegetables, especially leafy green spinach! Food science studies continue to show that eating spinach helps improve health and reduce the risk of many health issues, from cancer to memory loss to strokes. Here’s just a short list of what makes Spinach a SuperFood!


• Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes 

• Protects against the occurrence of cancer, including colon, lung, skin, oral, stomach, ovarian, prostate, and breast cancer 

• Helps regulate blood pressure 

• Builds...

April 20, 2015

Looking for some ideas for a new salad recipe? Then, try my French Green Bean Salad.  The combination of green beans, cauliflower, nuts, and cucumber make it a fabulous immune boosting meal!






2.5 cups of green beans, rinsed, and slightly steamed and chilled


1 cup of chopped onions


2 baby cucumbers, thinly sliced


1/2 cup of chopped cauliflower ( into very tiny florets)


1/4 cup of almond slivers or pine nuts


1 TBS of sprinkled blue cheese or cheese substitute


1 -2 TBS of olive oil and balsamic dressing




Place th...

April 8, 2015

As a follow up to yesterday, I thought I would attempt to address this question: What’s the difference between juicing and making a smoothie?




Advantages: Juicing packs an incredible nutritional punch! It extracts all of the water and nutrients from vegetables, leaving behind the fiber. This means your body is better able to absorb the nutrients without having to digest the dense bulk of the plant. Plus, you can fit a large quantity of vegetables into a single glass of juice. The quick absorption gives you increased energy and...

February 27, 2015

Good news, Bee Fitters! According to Women's World, there is research from Harvard stating that if you have a family history of cancer, you can cut your risk by 32 per cent or more just by eating a variety of bright colored fruits and vegetables. Carotenoids, the pigments that make kale green, oranges and carrots orange and tomatoes red, are responsible for helping break down harmful toxins in the body before they can wreck havoc on our cells. You don't have to prepare a big meal to get in your daily requirement of rich colored fruits...

February 25, 2015

Did you know that when certain foods are eaten together, their respective health benefits are exponentially increased? Throughout the weeks ahead, I am going to introduce the most powerful food combinations that will supercharge your health in ways that wouldn't be possible if they were eaten separately. Today’s "super couple" is avocado and tomato.


Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a pigment-rich antioxidant known as a carotenoid. Carotenoid has been shown to reduce cancer risk and cardiovascular disease. Fats make carotenoids more bioa...

February 12, 2015

Some say it is impossible to eat healthy on a tight budget. I say, it IS possible! Here are some tips that may help you!


-Load up on a variety of healthy vegetables from your local farm stand. Often the prices are cheaper than what you find at the fancy supermarket chains. Meats are pricey, so consume more veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and beans.


- Use produce preserve bags to keep produce fresh longer.


- When possible, buy in bulk AND save by using your coupons!


- Don't consume foods that contain a lot of refined sugars, which...

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