January 3, 2017

Stress has extremely negative effects on our overall health; it affects our sleep cycles, causes us to get ill, lowers are ability to enjoy life, and can lead to depression. Once we are depressed, we tend to exercise less which can lead to lethargy and isolation. Often, depressed people tend to let their appearance go and they have the tendency to to grab unhealthy foods for that quick pick me up. To help alleviate stress and your chances of becoming depressed, here are some tips to follow:

~ Though it may be difficult to get outd...

September 22, 2015

As a health coach, I am often surprised to learn how many women my age do not get a good night's sleep. Many do not know that poor sleep can be a factor in sabotoging their weight loss goals. How? Well, have you ever noticed that you are much hungrier when you are tired? Research clearly shows that appetites increase by a whopping 25 per cent when we are tired. As a result, we often crave sugar, dense carbs, or caffeine for that quick "pick me up." When we are tired, ghrelin, a hormone in our body that signals hunger, is increased. Wh...

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