April 1, 2017

Are you one of those people that as soon as the days stay lighter longer, you’re sweeping under couch, shaking out rugs and vacuuming who-knows-what that’s accumulated behind the dryer? AND, you're anxious to get outside and clean out the gardens to make room for spring daffodils and tulips to pop up and bloom? Spring-cleaning may indeed be biological in nature. During the winter, our bodies produce more melatonin, a hormone known for inducing sleepiness. On the other hand, when we’re exposed to more sunshine, our bodies produce less...

May 10, 2016

As a health coach and personal trainer, I love to see people create new habits – nutritionally, physically, and spiritually – including simple things like the breathing and balance exercises. One of the most surprising changes I have seen over the years, as my clients have committed to eating cleaner and minimizing processed foods, is an increased feeling of calm. Yes, there is a TON on everyone’s plate – including mine -- and yet, I feel like I have more SPACE than usual. Many clients also tell me that they enjoy cooking more because...

February 27, 2015

Good news, Bee Fitters! According to Women's World, there is research from Harvard stating that if you have a family history of cancer, you can cut your risk by 32 per cent or more just by eating a variety of bright colored fruits and vegetables. Carotenoids, the pigments that make kale green, oranges and carrots orange and tomatoes red, are responsible for helping break down harmful toxins in the body before they can wreck havoc on our cells. You don't have to prepare a big meal to get in your daily requirement of rich colored fruits...

February 12, 2015

Some say it is impossible to eat healthy on a tight budget. I say, it IS possible! Here are some tips that may help you!


-Load up on a variety of healthy vegetables from your local farm stand. Often the prices are cheaper than what you find at the fancy supermarket chains. Meats are pricey, so consume more veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and beans.


- Use produce preserve bags to keep produce fresh longer.


- When possible, buy in bulk AND save by using your coupons!


- Don't consume foods that contain a lot of refined sugars, which...

February 5, 2015


It's not easy to stay in shape once you hit the middle years. Believe me, I know! It takes commitment and hardwork to keep yourself feeling young and vibrant as you age. There are a SIX simple steps I take regulary to help me stay healthy, even if I "splurge" occasionally.


~ Eat a very large salad that contains two-three cups of mixed greens ( kale, arugula, and spinach) once a day and stick to a very light dressing 


~ Eat at least a 1/2 cup serving of beans/legumes a day in a soup, main dish, or salad


~ Eat 3 servings of fresh fruit...

September 23, 2014

Are you on doctor's orders to avoid artery clogging sausage and omelets? Well, try this chipolte vegan sausage ( www.fieldroast.com) with egg white omelet, flavored with a 1/2 cup of chopped cherry tomatoes and cheddar-style almond cheese!


Remember, Bee Fit friends, food determines how we feel and heal! 


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