January 4, 2017

Did you know that most Americans don't get enough sleep? When we don't get enough sleep we are tired. Being tired increases our appetite by 25 % which can cause us to eat poorly because we are looking for that quick me up by reaching for sugar and too much caffeine, foods that will ultimately have a negative impact on our overall health. If you are having difficulty falling asleep, try some of my quick fixes for getting rid of insomnia:

- Light a cinnamon or vanilla scented candle. The aroma of the spice stimul...

September 22, 2015

As a health coach, I am often surprised to learn how many women my age do not get a good night's sleep. Many do not know that poor sleep can be a factor in sabotoging their weight loss goals. How? Well, have you ever noticed that you are much hungrier when you are tired? Research clearly shows that appetites increase by a whopping 25 per cent when we are tired. As a result, we often crave sugar, dense carbs, or caffeine for that quick "pick me up." When we are tired, ghrelin, a hormone in our body that signals hunger, is increased. Wh...

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