December 12, 2015

Chocolate seems to be a big topic for my clients this month, what with post-Halloween blues …not-so-thankful memories of Thanksgiving desserts … and the temptation of holiday tasty treats on store shelves everywhere. While candy makers would have us believe that all chocolate is good for us, not all chocolate is created equal! Before you get carried away by the frenzy of the festivities, read the post below which busts some of the chocolate myths and can help you separate fact from fiction.


You’re not going to believe this, but i...

November 30, 2015


I love the holiday season – time spent with family and friends; a break from my regular routine; the anticipation of just relaxing at home with my husband and my grown-up children! But the holidays can also be a challenging time, with holiday “treats” everywhere we turn. This “holiday treating” can lead to packing on the pounds throughout the season. 


Do you have a GOAL for surviving the holidays? Consider which answer best describes you: 

a. I would like to MAINTAIN my current weight this holiday season. 
b.. I would like to LOS...

November 5, 2015



There may be football on TV, but this is YOUR game plan for a healthy, feel-good Thanksgiving weekend! Here are some of my favorite tips to help you stay on track!


• Don’t show up hungry. When you sit down for the Thanksgiving meal, you don’t want to be “starving.” Studies show that skipping meals on the big day won’t save you calories – in fact, you will tend to eat more!


• Start Thanksgiving Day with two things: : 1) A healthy, satisfying breakfast. There is not one right meal choice for everyone; if you need help figuring out wha...

November 3, 2015


November is one of my favorite months of the year… it feels like a giant pause button before the rush of the holidays begin. But November can also be challenging to our health, nutrition and fitness goals. When faced with Thanksgiving entrees, drinks , and desserts, we are often tempted into old habits or mindless eating. And when we overindulge during Thanksgiving, we’re eating foods that are typically high in calories, low in nutrients and contain a lot of sodium, sugar, and saturated fat. That’s one of the main reasons I encourage...

September 30, 2015


I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying the change of seasons. For some, that means “boots and sweater weather;” for others, it’s football and bonfires; for still others (like me), it means enjoying fall road races and the opportunity to cook up some of my fondest Autumn foods. Check out a few of my favorite Fall recipes in next week's blog post.


October is probably THE BEST TIME of the year to take stock of where you are in your health, nutrition and fitness goals. Why now? Because we are heading into what I call, “the season...

November 25, 2014


Set yourself up for success. Studies show that many people plan to make New Year’s resolutions to be healthier or lose weight, and then give themselves permission to binge-eat throughout the month of December. Overindulging for days or weeks at a time is not healthy for your heart, blood sugar levels, or your waistline! Instead, think about how you want to feel on New Year’s Day and get clear about your intentions. Think about WHY you want to achieve that goal. How will it feel in your body? In your clothes? How will it affect your...

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