January 3, 2018

Let's be honest with ourselves, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT.  It's true- the food we eat does have an impact on our physical AND mental health. When we eat healthy, nutritious foods, we tend to feel better and look better and also perform everyday tasks better.  When we eat foods laden with excess fat and sugar or salt, we tend to feel terrible, both physically and mentally. So the next time you don't feel well, take a look at what you are eating and try to make some changes everyday to improve your diet. Some of my "go to foods" for staying m...

March 25, 2016

I don’t know how or why or even when it happened, but it seems like everyone I know is super busy. The number-one reason people tell me why they don’t eat well or exercise is lack of time. When I share my quick-meal tips with clients, they come back to tell me that using this advice actually saves them time, while helping them look and feel their best. So why not give it a try? You’ve got nothing to lose (except maybe a few pounds) and more time to gain!


1. Cook once, eat twice (or more!) You may have heard me say this before – it’s t...

May 25, 2015

Let's face it, fear sometimes provides a useful function by raising alertness or reaction to harmful or dangerous situations. But fear also can be emotionally destructive by needlessly raising anxiety, raising blood pressure, and causing other unhealthy physical reactions. You know the kind I am talking about:


- Fear of flying ( this is a biggie for me; it started after I had kids).


- Fear of not performing up to expectations in a new venture or project.


- Fear of heights. This is a biggie for me, too, and may be tied to my fear of fl...

March 9, 2015

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? What a perfect time to start thinking Spring and putting into action your plans to get healthier, just in time to "bee" in shape for Summer!  Here are my TOP FIVE steps to ensuring a great day everyday. Nutrition is not just about the food we get on our plates, so here you go! ‎


~ Get up and start your day with a glass of lemon water. And continue to drink water throughout your day. It helps wash out impurities and stops cravings. AND, most importantly, start your day with a healthy...

February 21, 2015

As a plant based eater (85-90 per cent!), I only indulge on fish from time to time to get some additional protein into my diet. Today, I was craving a great tuna salad sandwich. Here's my healthy version.




~ A large wrap made from plants and organic brown rice ( Gluten free and found at Whole Foods)


~ 1/2 cup of  light tuna lightly mixed with olive oil or Veganaise ( Veganaise is a great egg free option, tastes delicious, and is better for you!)


~ 1 Cup of rinsed organic kale


~ 1/2 sliced red vine tomato


~ 1/4 cup of chopp...

February 12, 2015

Some say it is impossible to eat healthy on a tight budget. I say, it IS possible! Here are some tips that may help you!


-Load up on a variety of healthy vegetables from your local farm stand. Often the prices are cheaper than what you find at the fancy supermarket chains. Meats are pricey, so consume more veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and beans.


- Use produce preserve bags to keep produce fresh longer.


- When possible, buy in bulk AND save by using your coupons!


- Don't consume foods that contain a lot of refined sugars, which...

February 5, 2015


It's not easy to stay in shape once you hit the middle years. Believe me, I know! It takes commitment and hardwork to keep yourself feeling young and vibrant as you age. There are a SIX simple steps I take regulary to help me stay healthy, even if I "splurge" occasionally.


~ Eat a very large salad that contains two-three cups of mixed greens ( kale, arugula, and spinach) once a day and stick to a very light dressing 


~ Eat at least a 1/2 cup serving of beans/legumes a day in a soup, main dish, or salad


~ Eat 3 servings of fresh fruit...

February 2, 2015

There are many foods that support heart health, but one of the nutrients that is most important to maintaining healthy cardiovascular function is Omega-3 fatty acids. An excellent source of Omega-3s is fish – fish is low in saturated fat and is high in Omega-3s.


According to the Harvard School of Public Health, eating two grams of Omega-3 fatty acids from fish each week "reduces the risk of dying from heart disease by 36 percent." Aim for two servings of cold-water, fatty fish each week, such as salmon, halibut, and lake-trout. Smalle...

January 23, 2015

For the exercise enthusiasts out there who experience exercise induced asthma, there is hope! According to Dr. Harri Hemila, the author of a study in BMJ Open, if you typically feel your airways tighten during your long runs or spinning classes, taking a 1,000-milligram vitamin C supplement an hour to two before working out, can help ease the tightening and keep airways relaxed and open. Always seek the advice of your personal physician if symptoms persist or before beginning any new exercise routine("Women's Health", December 2013).



January 17, 2015

With the flu season rearing its ugly head, below is a list of some natural preventive measures you can take to avoid getting or battling this year's bug better than most:


~ Washing hands prior to eating prevents germs from spreading. Many germs are picked up by touching door knobs in public places. Keeping your hands away from your face should be practiced if you can't get to a restroom to wash your hands. Keeping a small bottle of hand disinfectant within your reach can help.


~ Sneezing or coughing in your elbow helps prevent germs f...

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