November 18, 2015


Grocery shopping can be confusing! It seems like every day there are new shout-outs on packaged foods: Heart Healthy! High in Protein! Trans-fat Free! What does it all really mean? In order to know what value a packaged food provides, we must understand how to read nutrition labels. Nutrition facts are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans developed by the USDA in 1980. (They are updated every five years.) The nutrition label is also based on “Percent Daily Value” (PDV). You’ll see that the values are listed as a percentage,...

September 30, 2015


I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying the change of seasons. For some, that means “boots and sweater weather;” for others, it’s football and bonfires; for still others (like me), it means enjoying fall road races and the opportunity to cook up some of my fondest Autumn foods. Check out a few of my favorite Fall recipes in next week's blog post.


October is probably THE BEST TIME of the year to take stock of where you are in your health, nutrition and fitness goals. Why now? Because we are heading into what I call, “the season...

January 30, 2015

Valentine's Day is more about celebrating love, and it does not have to involve eating candy!


As Valentine’s Day approaches and the shelves are filled with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and cupcakes iced in pink and red, it’s hard to resist buying these tasty treats. If you are trying to improve your overall well-being or stay on track with your health and/or weight loss goals, here are a few ways to avoid temptation:


1) Don’t watch the t.v. commercials! They will tempt you and trigger your cravings!


2) Some people can eat just one...

January 11, 2015

It’s National Health Coach~Wellness Week!

In support of this week, I am giving a shout out to some of my favorite coaches out there in the Facebook community! Today’s post goes to my favorite running pages! Go check them out! There will be more shout outs this week so be sure to check back!


The first picture is of Coach Mike Scott! He is a certified running coach from Indiana. He is currently coaching me and my daughter to run our personal bests this Spring! He has been an inspiration to so many through his own personal weight loss jou...

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