January 4, 2017

With the release of the new book, The Case Against Sugar, by Gary Taubes, I am conducting a health workshop on how to avoid sugar in your everyday diet. I will present the latest findings on sugar and explain how it is impacts your overall health and well being.  Taubes makes an eye opening case that sugar is the "tobacco of the new millennium," making us very sick. I will also share natural ways to sweeten your foods without using refined sugar. We will also be tasting samples of goodies that are actually good for you but c...

October 10, 2016

A recent report published in the JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that the sugar industry paid scientists in the ’60s to shift the focus from sugar as a link to heart disease and blame saturated fat instead.

The New York Times reported the discovery of internal sugar documents. The documents suggest that many of today’s dietary recommendations were influenced by the sugar industry.

According to the NYT, “A trade group called the Sugar Research Foundation paid three Harvard scientists … to publish a 1967 review of research on sugar, fat an...

January 27, 2016


I’m not sure how chocolate and candy hearts became the symbol for Valentine’s Day, but I do know that the latest research continues to show us that sugar can be significantly harmful to our health. So harmful that in an April, 2011 article featured in the New York Times Magazine, titled "Sweet and Vicious, Is Sugar Toxic?,"  the president of Sloan Kettering is quoted as saying " I have eliminated sugar from my diet...Ultimately, it's something I can do to decrease my risk of cancer." 


Here are...

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