September 8, 2016

Having difficulty adding greens into your daily diet, then try these small steps. Small steps often lead to big changes.  Sneak your greens in by following these 4 tips:

1. Add spinach, kale or chard to your fruit smoothie. You might not even notice it's in there, and if the green color makes you nervous add blueberries to turn it purple!

2. Sneak some spinach or arugula into your veggie burger or turkey burger.

3. Use a collard green to wrap your "sandwich" or "taco."

4. While pizza's not an everyday meal for those on...

September 5, 2016

One of the best healthy habits you can incorporate into your daily life is to eat leafy greens. It’s hard not to notice how mainstream “green drinks” are at your local health food store, and healthy boutique restaurants and juice bars are popping up all over the country! Today it’s easier than ever to eat, drink and slurp your greens! Eat them raw, steamed or sautéed; mix them into a pureed soup; or drink them in a variety of smoothies and juices. We all know greens are good for us, but many of us shy away from eating them. According...

May 15, 2015


Yes...Popeye had it right when it comes to eating vegetables, especially leafy green spinach! Food science studies continue to show that eating spinach helps improve health and reduce the risk of many health issues, from cancer to memory loss to strokes. Here’s just a short list of what makes Spinach a SuperFood!


• Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes 

• Protects against the occurrence of cancer, including colon, lung, skin, oral, stomach, ovarian, prostate, and breast cancer 

• Helps regulate blood pressure 

• Builds...

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