One of my favorite statements as a holistic health coach is..."Food (NOT just what's on a plate) determines how we feel and heal." Though healthy eating is crucial in terms of staying healthy, it's not the only step to take to live a long, productive, and healthy life. In fact, there are many factors that contribute to living a long, active and-- most importantly--mentally engaging life. 

My grandmother, who lived into her mid-90's, is a perfect example of someone who lived a long life in spite of her less than perfect diet. Yes, good...

January 8, 2017


Did you know that flowers can make you happy!? Studies at Rutger's University and Harvard have been conducted to prove that flowers have a positive effect on someone's emotional well being. In some studies, flowers are linked immediately to an individual's happiness, reducing stress and easing away depressive symptoms. So, the next time you are feeling blue, go on a nature walk to take in the fragrant smells of trees and and flowering shrubs and flowers. If the winter season is upon you, try focusing on the beauty and smell of evergr...

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