April 15, 2015


Just tried this recipe and it's bee-licious! The juice leaves me feeling energized and less bloated! It is a great springtime treat!


Makes 2 servings (one for you, one to share, or one for later!)



6 leaves of kale or 1/2 cup of baby kale 

1 big handful of spinach 

1 cucumber, peeled 

6 baby carrots

1 celery stalk chopped ( optional ) 

1 lemon or lime 

1 grapefruit, peeled 

1 thin slice of ginger root (dime size) 

1/2 green apple  

½ orange, peeled (optional)


Directions: Push each ingredient through the juicer one at a time (...

January 14, 2015

Loving my work and being a dedicated health coach, I do my best to live what I preach. I eat a plant based diet (85-90 per cent) and stay away completely from soda and red meat. But, with that said, like most of you, I am human, and every now and then I splurge just a little bit too much on red wine, coffee, and sugary treats, especially during the holiday season. When this happens, I schedule a few days in the month to do a "safe" one day detox. Why do I call it safe? Well, that's because I am not a big believer in fasting, especiall...

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